day 045 – Potts.

This last week I’ve been working with Sean at Potts Meat Processing – a small but growing deer, beef, and pork processing plant where he’s been employed for the last three years.

(my talented hubby designed this logo…)

So basically, I’m a butcher. Kind of.  Sean does the actual cutting (with two other men), but I along with two other ladies, package, seal, and organize the meat and return it to customers. It’s stinky and messy and some of the things that come through are fatty or slimy or bloody and….yeah. If anyone knows me well enough, this might come to quite a shock that I would be doing something like this!! And I still don’t know WHAT I was thinking when I suggested the idea to Sean earlier this year that I might be able to work with him during the busy fall season. But, here I am, and I am so thankful for the work and the opportunity to learn something new.

The atmosphere is fast-paced and the people I work with are Christians. The conversation is always hilarious and it’s fun to be able to talk while we work.

It’s definitely great to be with him all day. This is just for a season, and there are many new adventures coming our way, especially over the next few months! :D


2 thoughts on “day 045 – Potts.

  1. It’s so fun to watch you turn into a country girl through your posts, Beka. Your attitude of taking on new things as an adventure is such an encouragement and inspiration. :)

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