the reception

(as in prior wedding posts, none of these photos were taken by me. credit goes to Jason Manion, Allison Young, Denise Reynolds, Renee Stokes, and others.)

Aaaaand finally, I’m back! This last week has been crazy busy with the visit of my brother from New England, a road trip to the Midwest for the wedding of some friends, and the beginning of a new job (more on all of those adventures, soon!). But here I am to finish re-capping our wedding – that was now almost nine weeks ago! Ah! Two months have just flown by!

Like I’ve mentioned before, our ceremony and reception was held at Maranatha Family Ministries in New Hampshire. It was a beautiful day and the afternoon was full of dancing, food, laughter, fellowship, and the company of dear friends and family. Most of the decor was assembled and decided upon between my mom and I (like 200+ tiny homemade jams for favors, and the wrapped silverware, etc.) – however, we can’t take any credit for how the end product actually turned out! We handed off our materials and over a dozen of our friends, family, and Maranatha staff members transformed the rustic reception area into a lovely atmosphere:

As Sean and I were making our way through the food line, we were surprised when the groomsmen came from all directions and tackled him to the ground! They stole his shoes with the purpose of filling them with “Honeymoon Money” from our guests :D

IMG_2920 IMG_2931 IMG_2927 IMG_2925 IMG_2924 IMG_2923 IMG_2922 IMG_2921

Shortly after the groomsmen’s feat, Sean’s brother Josh and my dear friend Katie delivered the Best Man and the Maid of Honor speeches, respectively. Their messages were sweet, personable, and funny:


Our first dance was to “A Thousand Years” by The Piano Guys. It was a little clumsy as everyone looked on, but we didn’t mind:



IMG_4861We were amazed at the amount of people who were willing to share in our rejoicing that day (250+), and were overwhelmed at the love we received through all of our friends and family. The Lord truly has blessed us, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding day. During the entire weekend, we watched as people who have never met each other and might not have had much in common save a mutual love for our Savior come together and serve wholeheartedly in order to make the wedding an extremely memorable event. Friday night, even, was spent worshiping in song in an outdoor chapel by firelight. Isn’t that a neat picture of the church? So many different people coming together, yet all united in Christ.

Sean and I left via limousine later that evening (hubby’s idea :D), having greatly enjoyed the day. It was all just perfect and went on without a hitch.

(stayed tuned for more pictures soon!) 




One thought on “the reception

  1. I am so glad the day went well enough for you to say it went off without a hitch, that means we all did a good job of hiding all the “hitches” we had to deal with. (like the cupcake stand…) =) Love seeing the pictures!

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