About Us


Hi! My name’s Beka Castille, and that handsome gent there next to me is my husband Sean.
(to read our story, check out our wedding website!)

We were married on August 17th, 2013, which means we’re still kinda new at this whole married thing. But we’re having a blast so far and we are both learning so much. The day after we tied the knot, Sean moved me from New England where I had grown up to the gorgeous countryside in central Tennessee…and I’m loving it.

I used to blog here: http://caboosed.wordpress.com/ . Check out the archives!

I love coffee, babies, cooking, writing, and adventuring. I’m an introvert. I read too many blogs, and I’d love to have a real garden someday. I don’t like animals, but I think it would be fun to raise chickens. Maybe.

We love Jesus, and want our marriage to be a testimony to His grace and work in our lives as we seek to glorify Him. We live for Him.

This blog is directed mostly toward our life as newlyweds and my adventures as a young wife who only kinda knows what she’s doing. A major reason for this all is to keep in touch with family and friends, and to document some of the more interesting parts of mine and Sean’s life together.

Soli deo gloria
(Glory to God alone)



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