new site!

Hey folks! (this is mostly for my email subscribers) I’ve switched to Blogger! WordPress has been great for the last several years, but I’m done ripping my hair out trying to get the themes to do what I want. Also, I’m beginning to dabble in some affiliate marketing and web designing stuff and Blogger allows for […]

Thanksgiving Day: Castille Family Pictures

Before the guests arrived on Thursday afternoon for the Thanksgiving celebration, the family headed outside to take some pictures in the beautiful Autumn weather… ^^^ that’s all of us!  There’s Jamie & Linda (Sean’s parents), then Rachel, Erick, and Josh. The four youngest are Castilles through adoption: Christina (7), Logan (6), Justin (5), and Isabella (7 […]

day 098 – CVS Deals

Growing up, my mom would often come home with bags from CVS as she excitedly told us of how many items she received for having only spent a few dollars. She got so into it that she even had me sign up for a card so that she could get the extra benefits! Now that […]

dance reception

Because our wedding was over 1,200 miles away from Sean’s church family, not many of them were able to come for our actual nuptials. These people love Sean very much (and by extension – me!) and wanted to celebrate with us once we moved in and got settled. The Courter family was so gracious to host […]

our honeymoon trip

Now that Sean and I have been married nearly three months, I figured it’s about time I get around to blogging about our honeymoon and some other events that happened during the month of September!! :P I’ve gotten so behind. We spent one night at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville, TN after flying in […]

day 073: ladybugs: the invasion

Looked outside this morning to see these wretched creatures swarming around everywhere – glued to the windows…. one even made it inside. how!??? I feel like the Israelites must have felt when Egypt was overtaken by Locusts. Kinda. >shudders< Excuse me while I put on my gas mask to go get the mail…

day 067 – Martin’s

Right now I am sitting in a little coffee shop somewhere south of Nashville, sipping vanilla caramel tea, listening to conversation around me as contemporary christian music plays above me. My husband and four other young men are sitting nearby, studying 1 Corinthians on this early Wednesday morning before the work day begins. (excuse all […]